Did you know a humble rice cooker can have a great impact on your health? It is true. Most of the Indian households have aluminium pressure cookers which are actually harmful. An aluminium cooker has the tendency to leach into the food and make it toxic. In addition, cooking in such a type of cooker, there are high chances of destroying the food nutrients.

With The Brodees pressure cooker you can cook effortlessly without any worries. Premium Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker with Triply Sandwich Bottom is one of the best cookware choices when it comes to making healthy food with excellent results consistently. Here are some of the qualities of the inner lid pressure cooker that can easily turn it to be the best cooker in India.

Top 12 Features of Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker

1.It is 100% chemical free: The Brodees cooker is entirely made of food safe materials and has no chemical coating.

2.It gives assured safety: The inner lid pressure cooker is ISI & ISO 9001 certified. Special safety features namely lead-free safety valve and pressure locked safety lid provide you utmost protection and convenience. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty assurance.

3.It makes food nutrient-rich: The pressure cooker has a 1.2 mm thick body that supports even heat distribution. This in turn prevents loss of vitamins and minerals in steam.

4.It has aesthetic & smart design: Because of its 304 stainless steel curved body, the cooker helps in easy food stirring and serving. Plus, the tri-ply bottom is of 8.4 mm base thickness that reduces food burns.

5.It gives no food burns or sticking issues: The inner lid pressure cooker prevents food burning up to 90% as well as prevents food from sticking to its surface. So, you will find it super easy to clean.

6.It makes food tastier: The pressure cooker makes food tastier by preserving its natural colours and flavours.

7.It has tough construction: The stainless steel pressure cooker has a tri-ply sandwich bottom that’s made of three layers of metals.

8.It is made for long-lasting use: This pressure cooker is durable, scratch and rust resistant.

9.It can be used for daily cooking: The steel pressure cooker is really easy and convenient to use on a regular basis.

10.It cooks faster: In comparison to aluminium cookers, The Brodees pressure cooker cooks food quicker. Because of fast heat transfer, healthy and tasty food is prepared in no time.

11.It saves your money: Because of fast cooking time, the stainless steel cooker not only saves time and gas, but also your money.

12.It is an all-in-one pressure cooker: This all rounder pressure cooker is useful to cook your favourite dishes effortlessly. It is simply great for simmering, boiling, braising, steaming and sauteing. Moreover, it can ideally be used as a gas and induction pressure cooker.